Remedial and Swedish Massage, stretching, trigger points, Iridology, Kinesiology and more.




A blend of Eastern and Western techniques providing  a nourishing and nurturing therapeutic experience.




Prices start from $45 for a 30 Minute Remedial Massage at my clinic in North Sydney


With gentle movements and touch of my hands I heal the mind and body of pain and stress of the people that I meet. I am a passionate integrative massage therapist based on the North Shore in Sydney, and offer the luxury of home visits as far afield as Maroubra.  I also have a clinic in Hazelbrook, NSW and additionally serve the community in the Blue Mountains and Mid Mountians.

I am committed to providing you with a holistically based massage therapy that harmoniously bridges clinical western massage and eastern, energetic techniques. This therapeutic approach is ideal for treating physical and mental ailments by supporting your innate ability to heal your body, mind and spirit.  Explore a renewed sense of energy, improved physical mobility and feeling whole.

My treatments range from Remedial massage, Swedish massage, Pregnancy massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Iridology, Touch for Health Kinesiology to Energetic healing, Hyperton X and very  importantly  practical,  efficient solutions to Pain & Stress.

For a full overview of all these treatments, please view my treatments page. You can book my treatments per occasion or as a package and save. On occasion I also give treatments "on the move", in my clients' home. If you require this type of service please discuss with me.

In addition to the Touch for Health , I focus on people's requirements, and muscle test for the body's needs for which i can offer  health supplements to enhance well being and avoid depletion of the body.

Please contact me with your queries or book your initial appointment.


Treatment vs. Healing

"Please keep in mind the distinction between treatment and healing: treatment originates from the outside, where  as healing comes from within."

~ Dr. Andrew Weill