Manual Therapeutic and Intuitive

The techniques I practice are manual therapeutic and intuitive. They all reflect my desire to awaken and work with the healing systems that already exist in your own body, mind and spirit and to integrate them with the classic massage therapy. This can change from treatment to treatment and each session involves finding the right balance of techniques for that given day.

  • Remedial Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Stretching
  • Iridology
  • TFH Kinesiology
  • Hyperton-X
  • Energetic work

Swedish Massage

Combines various hands-on techniques including gliding, kneading, and cross-fibre friction. It can be slow and gentle, or vigorous and bracing, depending upon what the therapist wants to achieve and always working within the (pain) threshold of you, the client.

Remedial massage

This technique aims to work a little deeper and generally work towards achieving release of muscles and greater flexibility and mobility, flexion and extension.  This may take several visits depending upon the severity of the issue and how long the client has endured the problem and it may be complemented by other techniques, either administered by me or referring client to another practitioner.  I often use trigger points or manual resistive techniques which are very gentle and yet effective.

Deep-tissue Massage

This massage technique uses slower, more forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue, commonly to help with muscle damage from injuries.  Everyone is unique in pain tolerance so my touch can easily change from light to powerful massage therapy.  The treatment i find effective is called myofascial release and as it is very slow and very healing generally this requires a longer session to be most beneficial.


Increasing the length of tight muscles allows for better movement of your joints and body overall. This can be done passively or actively.  Sometimes clients will come to me and its very difficult to ease the tension in the tissues and this is where I would use a muscle balance under the term 'hyperton-X' which causes no pain to the client and where i can achieve some extension which may even have the effect of easing tissue to the point of being able to massage it.

Trigger Points

This involves deactivating knots in your muscles that may cause local pain or pain and other sensations, such as headaches, in other parts of the body. Manual pressure is applied to release the trigger point.  Incorporating some kinesiology ESR whilst doing this  quickly reduces any pain sensation.

Myofascial Release 

This treatment is a beautiful fluid one, which is performed in a slow, deep manner in a rhythic manner and the therapist works no deeper than the depth at which her fingers wish to sit on the client's skin creating an extremely subtle result.    Myofascial release is gentle, highly interactive and effective hands on manual therapy technique which uses sustained gentle pressure to release restrictions in the fascial system to eliminate pain and restore motion and function to the body.  By using this method the therapist works with the client, not on the client, the therapist acting as a facilitator - and it requires patience, intent and focus.  This therapy has many benefits such as reduction of chronic pain, improved respiratory function, clears toxins away from cells, reduces tightness which may be contributing to pain, spasm or cramping and improves blood circulation to muscles.

Who is it for?

Sometimes it takes a life event to provoke the concept that you need to put yourself first!  It maybe a landmark birthday, or an accident or illness or just realising that unless YOU make yourself the priority it is difficult to pull everything else together in this demanding environment!

I have clients from all walks of life coming to see me from some distance with a wide variety of issues to address. What I endeavour to do is teach them how to make changes as we go along, that it may not be possible to rectify the situation in one treatment however they will feel the improvement through the integration of my techniques.

General Maintenance & Well-Being Treatments

Helping you address current health issues and take on a preventative approach to stop these problems from becoming worse. If you already feel healthy however,and not obviously suffering from any problem of which you are aware  – then this is a treatment maybe you had never thought to add as a  benefit?

Examples are: work tension, exercise tension, chronic headaches, joint stiffness


Transitional Support Treatments

Allow yourself the support you deserve to help get you through stressful periods of life with a greater sense of ease.

For example: pregnancy, changing jobs, family dynamics, new parents, those in crisis situations, the loss of a family member or friend, those experiencing or someone living with (perhaps a carer) major illness/injury


Injury/Illness Recovery Treatments

When faced with a shock situation to the body it can affect someone in varying manners... physical and emotional. It may mean that parts of their body experience more pain, they may feel stiffness more as a form of reaction. I assess this, adapt the treatment protocol and work on my clients to improve their sense of well-being and self worth.  Massage lessens pain and strains, increases mobility and certainly relaxes tired or injured muscles.

Examples are: a chronic condition, cancer treatment, a physical accident, motorcar accident, fibromyalgia, mental illness.


Mini Massage Treatment

I offer these when time is tight and this may be for a pre Wedding massage when there are 6 people wanting different short treatments of about 20 minutes or possibly 30 minutes and i am able to work on their area of most need - hands, arms shoulders, neck, back, and there is no absolute need to remove garments, and little or no use of treatment oils.



How Does Massage Therapy help achieve relief?

  • If your joints and muscles are healthy they enable you to keep more active, avoid stiffness and even headaches. Rotator cuff injuries and pelvic imbalances are commonplace in my clinic.
  • Decreases physical and emotional stress, improves energy, increases calm and peace, and increases individual awareness and ability to self-manage life better highlighting the need to spend a little time caring for self.
  • Relief from digestive and cardiovascular issues, inflammation.

Please give me a call to book in for your free 10 minute consultation so you, also, may start the beginning of the rest of your life - Today!

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well."