" I have had the pleasure of supervising Sandie at the NCC student massage clinic.  During this time I found her to be an outstanding student practitioner..... she is extremely professional in her conduct and always very caring and compassionate towards her clients.  She has excellent massage skills and consistently received very positive feedback.    Her personal presentation and adherence to protocol is of the utmost high standard, as is her ability to take accurate case histories,  diagnose problems and followi through with effective treatments..... I can highly recommend her...."  - Fran Music, BHSc.Adv.Dip Nat.Adv Dip HerbMed. DRM.

"I have had numerous massages from Sandie over the last year and have always been impressed bythe way she works and her holistic approach to treating clients.  One particular session I remember, was when she was treating me for neck problems.  I had limited range of movement in my neck.... she worked on this problem and by the end of the session, tension was released and I had an immediate improvement in my range of movement.... I can highly recommend her services and would be happy for you to ring me for further information"  - Donna T

"Three years ago i was diagnosed with a breast cancer - my dearest friend introduced me to Sandie before i was to start aggressive chemotherapy.   I had never really been sick in my 50 years of life and never thought to go down this path of therapy - can I tell you it has been the best thing I have ever done!

Sandie took great care of me, advising me what foods my body did not want - I am the only girl who wasnt sick and constipated through chemo, all the other girls I met along the way were all complaining.  She has also helped me with movements of my arm with massages.   After a mastectomy and removal of nodes these movements became very restricted - now its almost back to normal.  I cannot recommend Sandie to you more highly, she was an angel to me through some very dark times and I know she has a lot more "giving" to give.  Please feel free to call me...... especially if you have started the breast cancer journey to let you know how Sandie can help you, too"  - Teresa R.

"I have had the pleasure of teaching Sandie over a period of several terms and on a variety of subjects and during this time had the opportunity to observe her at close quarters and have come to know her and the way she works on a close and personal basis.   I have watched her blossom.  She has an innate curiosity and drive to understand more and how to apply this knowledge within her treatments. She is fastidious in her application of this knowledge.

Sandie is an eclectic therapist and is capable of delivering a treatment designed to successfully address her client's issues both Remedial Massage techniques and other modalities learned at a prior date." - Jane G Head of Tactile Therapies, NCC 

"My story is an account that I have shared with very few; only hospital associates and the closest of friends.  I feel that i am being extremely selfish in keeping this information to myself, when there are countless others out there who could benefit from my experience.......I am a 32 year old single mother, a teacher with a view on becoming a social worker or school counsellor.  I am a  yoga enthusiast, walk some 60 minutes each day, and adore swimming - 50 laps of an Olympic size pool is my usual routine.

Why is this so interesting, you ask yourself ..... nothing out of the ordinary?  The difference is that I as in an horrific car accident mid 2012, broke my back in 4 places, shattered 2 vertebrae and endured spinal damage, being in intensive care for almost a month.  I taught myself to walk again with the help of surgeons, physios and acknowledging the spiritual aspect of our existence.

In my experience I have found a place for both traditional an alternative medicine and together they are a powerful partnership.... The pain patches Sandie used, when placed directly on the area of pain helped to alleviate pain and improved mobility within the duration of the treatment.  Furthermore, these patches helped to prevent pain.  I also included nutritional supplements aiding in muscle rejuvenation, and crystals to help body and mind prepare for the monumental task of recovery.

Furthermore, remedial massage has assisted greatly in stimulating the ever-repairing nerves and acting as a pain alleviation tool.  I thank Sandie for her wonderful talent and expertise in this area.  I felt as though my body was in better alignment, my pain greatly reduced and my overall feeling of wellbeing enhanced after a visit to her clinic.  I look forward to my next visit and always feel a sense of contentment, spiritual, emotional and physical tranquility after such a visit.  I would be interested in hearing other stories and experiences of a similar nature..."  -  Amy (email address can be given)

"I consider myself a massage aficionado - I try to get a massage at least once a month to help ease the sore back, aching neck and general stress that comes with long hours at a desk.  Still, despite my love of massage, I was a bit sceptical at first when Sandie (who happens also to be my mother!) told me about her unique style of massage, which combines typical remedial massage with more advanced techniques like Hyperton-x, and Touch for Health Kinesiology, along with intuitive energy work to help shift blockages on a subtle level.  

I wondered if I'd enjoy it as much as my usual massage and whether I'd get the same benefits.  To my surprise Sandie's  (aka Mum's) massage style was just as relaxing - and delivered even more therapeutic benefits.  She has an amazing knack for finding really tight, sore spots and creating fluidity in areas where you previously felt stiff and tense.  She also has a wonderful, nurturing energy and genuinely cares about all her clients.  Its no surprise I am visiting her more often these days ... my hidden agenda is getting another massage!".  Bonnie Cleaver, Health Journalist

I have been seeing Sandie for a number of years and I have found her therapies extremely beneficial for alleviating both everyday pains and ones I develop through lifting weights and training.  During our sessions, she always knows where the pain is without me having to specify, and without fail, I walk out of the room feeling a lot lighter every time.  She is a kind and passionate massage therapist who genuinely aims to help her clients through her services.

I highly recommend Sandie, she truly cares for each individual's mind, body and spirit".

M Nicita.  Jan. 2015