Summer has Arrived!

Posted by sandie on January 04, 2016

Swimsuits on in Sydney – and Christmas shows on the waistline --- what do you do to PAINLESSLY dump the Christmas kilos

Cheaper Than A Cup Of Coffee

Posted by sandie on January 04, 2016

With coffee shops still opening on every corner and even tiny children's tastes catered for – I did a little calculation based on a family of 4 whose habits I know well.

Late Spring

Posted by sandie on November 24, 2015

Its so good to look out at my amazing garden - and note that most existing azaleas, some 30 years old, have all been incorporated into the design of the approach to my house, and whilst the magnolia was (magnificent) it was a short lived blooming.... Nevertheless roses red and white and butterfly plants taking over, and extensive work to ensure the border pathway is welcoming - more climbing roses, lavender and pale primrose clivia (next year)... and some of the camellias which flank the border fenceline i have dug in - without, i may add, sustaining injury to my body thanks to excellent quality salmon oil capsules of which i merely ingest a few more....  and this enables me to continue my work as a Remedial Therapist, unhampered.

Please consider the quality of what you put in your mouth - the wholefood principle is paramount - not just focussing on the word "Natural" - one might enquire ------ Human Natural as in 'brocolli' --- and then 'natural' as in 'Algae' - or pond scum.... Consider..... as i did so 20 years ago.

If you wish to buy some Species Specific SALMON OIL for lubricating joints/Memory - the big one! - soft skin, hair etc and PLEASE remember your animals - just think of sparing them a thought:  my 2 dalmations ate this Salmon Oil for 15 years and NO sign of arthritis...  so visit  and buy THE BEST DIRECT and much more cheaply.  Take a look at this study :

Spring Has Arrived!

Posted by sandie on September 17, 2015

I feel it's time to do a little internal and external cleansing on myself, I like to practice what I preach!  I have some very easy routines that I like to follow.

Magic Recaptured

Posted by sandie on July 08, 2014

Last weekend was a bit of magic recaptured – invited up to stay with very special friends who are house sitting of all interesting things to do, whilst their apartment in town, currently rented out, - is available end of year...... and this has taken them all over NSW and Queensland caring for people's properties and animals, often quite sizeable acreages – and they are having a ball.