What to Expect in Your Treatment?

My approach to massage therapy is to be a supportive facilitator in your healing path by using an innovative blend of Eastern and Western techniques that provides a nourishing and nurturing therapeutic experience.   I also strive to work in sync with our medical community such as physiotherapists and general practitioners so that your health team is able to support you best.

A Safe and Supportive Environment

The ability to receive therapeutic support is markedly decreased by any resistance from uncertainty in your system. To help overcome this uncertainty I create a nurturing  therapeutic space and encourage you to communicate any concerns you might have throughout your treatment.

Educate and Empower

By taking to an active role in the subtle improvement and healing of your body and mind, (versus more commonly passive approaches) you will increase your self-awareness and enhance your therapeutic benefits. To facilitate this, I explain and involve you in your treatment such as:

  • moving your body such as rolling your shoulders
  • to bring conscious awareness that enhances the treatment benefits
  • actively contracting/relaxing specific muscles in treatment to target problem areas


Your First Appointment

  • Treatment: Discuss your health history form and what brings you in for a treatment. Your condition(s) will help me decide how to proceed with your assessment and any possible testing to understand how to best treat you. Treatment may include therapy while dressed on the table (seated or lying down) but it is generally done draped under the towels on top of the massage table. You will be undressed to your comfort level with only the part of the body being treated exposed.
  • Post-treatment: Once you´re dressed, I will come back into the room to discuss how you feel after your massage treatment. You may receive exercises to practice at home to further treat and improve your condition(s). I generally like to take a little time with first appointments, this is part of my care plan.

Subsequent Appointments

The format will be much like your first appointment including a brief assessment period to assess your current needs followed by treatment.

  • Ideally an hour is better but  longer or shorter treatment sessions can be discussed to suit your needs and the type of treatment.
  • Less time will be spent discussing your health history and assessment time may very depending on your state of being that day.
  • Whether it is your first appointment or subsequent visit, my goal is to therapeutically support your current health conditions while gradually shifting to more proactive, preventative treatments.


3 Tips for an Excellent Massage

1. Communicate: Don't feel shy to give input or ask questions.

2. Hot/Cold: After a treatment apply heat &/or cold to maximise your relief where needed.

3. Move: Gently move your body and explore your new mobility to maximize your treatment and where possible, try not to rush through the rest of the day