Holistic Path

I was born and raised in the UK and have now been living in Sydney for some 30 years. For the past 20 years I have actively pursued a holistic path and the first line of investigation and learning was on Wholefood Nutrition as a result of my own needs at that time,  with a young family taking most of my energies. I was then able to help friends and a gradually developing number of clients who greatly benefited from this approach

My next step was to pursue  studies on a range of associated topics which is pretty much an ongoing discipline for me in quest of better techniques and allows me to integrate therapies where applicable. 

Sydney & North Shore

I currently care for my clients on a Home Visit basis in Sydney and still bring with me a  peaceful environment whilst offering  my treatments.  Home visits are also popular for the less mobile or time poor clients.

Blue Mountains

I have a clinic in Hazelbrook where clients can enjoy their treatment in the peace of a tranquil environment.  There are also requests here for home visits. 

Remedial Massage

I offer Swedish and Remedial Massage and enjoy bringing a difference into the lives of my clients. Major and repetitive areas of need are in the hip flexors, lower back, neck and shoulders of people, many bent over their computers for long periods, unaware of their posture.

Health Kinesiology

I integrate Touch for Health Kinesiology which had its origins in 1970 when Dr John Thie decided to make practical and effective methods of balancing the body's energy available to the non professional public.   This empowers me to teach my clients to promote and maintain health in themselves using very simple techniques.  It enables me to balance the body through muscle testing  and determine much about the client in terms of suitable foods, emotional issues they may wish to overcome, priorities in their lives.  I perceive the body as multidimensional, wholistic rather than a complex machine.


The concept of the Triangle of Health sums up the philosophy and when you think about it, when this triangle is equilateral one should be in balance.  Thus we must balance the structural, chemical and emotional aspects.  My Hyperton-X training means that  with very gentle movements and no pain for the client, extension and mobility can often be vastly increased with often substantially improved balance of the pelvis.  The client is generally aware of this fairly rapidly.


I use Iridology where need be and this generally shows up problems which may have been presented to me and which often the client was already aware

Energy Patches

Energy Patches are a beautiful adjunct which work on the acupressure points - like acupuncture without the needles!  and  they are an excellent inclusion in the handbag for fast-acting pain relief including migraines, or just enabling improved energy, brain balancing  and many other issues. Some people call this "Magic".  - and certainly almost immediate 

"Nurturing and nourishing yourself with massage therapy is remembering to take the time to value yourself."